Repair - 10g

Repair - 10g



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Broken a nail?  Don't despair, repair! 1. Push back cuticle. 2.Lightly buff natural nail paying attention not to rip nail further. 3. Remove dust with your Koko Dust Brush 4. Apply Clean, allow 10 seconds to air dry 5. Apply Prep to entire nail, avoid contact with skin and cuticles. 6. Brush on 2 thin coats of "Repair" curing for 45 seconds in between each coat. 6. Apply one coat of "Shine", Cure 45 seconds. **You can now apply your Koko Gel Polish as instructed starting with base layer (cure), 1-2 coats of color (cure each coat 45s) and finishing with "Shine" or "Matte" (Cure 45s). Polish will remove easily, but repair gel is designed to grow out ensuring the cracked portion of the nail is protected and should not be removed.

 **Requires a UV/LED Light**

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