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Perfect Paper Self Dispensing Box 500 sheets

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The Fuji Perfect Paper Self-Dispensing Box is where dispenser meets end paper and functions as an all-in-one choice! It contains 500 sheets and acts as a self-dispenser or a refill for Hands-Free Dispensers. Fuji Perfect End Papers are the best end papers for perms and body waves. The strength of the sheets surpass all others. With a strong grip and flow through penetration, Fuji Paper End Papers offer 400% more saturation than other end papers on the market. Each paper is pre-folded which saves you time and money. No more waste and hassle of picking up each paper individually. These perm papers can be easily dispensed from any Fuji Hands-Free Dispenser. Perfect Paper end papers are made in Japan.

  • Self dispensing box containing 500 sheets

  • The best end papers for perms and body waves

  • Used to help colour the hairline by maintaining the dye over the hair, giving an even and full coverage of the colour process

  • Pre-folded sheets save time and money. As paper is pulled a new one pops up!

  • Fuji Papers have a strong grip and 4x the saturation of other end papers

  • No harmful chemicals used in manufacturing the paper

  • Dispense directly from the box or use to refill the Counter or Hand Dispenser

  • Made in Japan