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IBX Repair

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Intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating. Also used to target natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long.

  • Use in addition to IBX to treat particularly weak, thin, and damaged nails.

  • Can be used as a complete protective shield under Gel Polish AND for specific damage repair.

  • 100+ applications of 10 nails per .33 fl oz bottle.

  • 36 month shelf life

Under Gel Polish

Step One of the Protective Shield

  • Used prior to IBX.

  • A full coat of IBX Repair acts as the fusion layer to begin the formation of the IPN.

  • Helps to reduce “white spots” on the surface of the nail.

Grow the Natural Nail

Repairs Damage

  • IBX Repair is applied specifically to targeted damaged areas including splits, peeling and free edge delamination.

  • Acts like “double-sided sticky tape” to seal damaged areas together.

  • Used prior to IBX.