Fibre Gel Starter Kit

Fibre Gel Starter Kit

En Vogue Gel Company


En Vogue Simply Fibre Gel Trial Kit

Simply Fibre Gel kit is a great way to get started with En Vogue awesome Simply line. A quick and cost effective way to create beautiful nails. So easy to learn you don't have be nervous to try it. No adding time to your appointments because you tried something new.

The Fibre Gel is self-leveling and brushes on like a polish. You can build up the nail for a bit for strength. Great up sell under gel polish. This gel contains micro-fibres for extra strength and flexibility on natural nails or for tip applications. Plus with new Super Bond in this kit too.

Size: 1 Kit

  • 1 Super Bond (5ml )
  • 1 Fibre Gel (5ml )
  • 1 Super Shine (5ml )
  •  Connector (5ml)