En Vogue Infusion UV/LED light

En Vogue Infusion UV/LED light

En Vogue Gel Company


This INFUSION light has two technologies infused into one light unit.  It combines two LED chips, one that cures at 360-390nm for UV gels and one that cures at 390-420nm for LED gels. All en Vogue products have been perfectly matched for optimal curing with this new technology.    

·         Rapid and efficient UV & LED curing

·         No bulbs needed

·         Auto-sensor 3 preset timer options: 10, 30, 60 seconds 

·         An additional 90 second low heat mode setting for building gels

·         Touch sensor activation

·         Spacious, comfortable interior for full hand

·         Magnetic chemical resistant tray for easy removal and sanitization

·         One year warranty The En Vogue INFUSION light unit provides a superior cure with the convenience of curing all gels with one lamp.