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Footlogix® Education

Footlogix Pediceuticals®

- incorporating the science of Dermal Infusion Technology® – are so efficacious that they elevate the standard pedicure to a transformational pedicure yet are gentle enough for even the most sensitive spa client. Learn how to perform this comprehensive 10 step Footlogix Pedicure to rejuvenate, repair and moisturise the skin of the feet.

75min Webinar : Watch Below

The original Footlogix® Product Knowledge - Zoom


Maximize Your Pedicure Potential

Footlogix is more than just a collection of service and retail products. Part of the Footlogix philosophy is to provide education intended to help technicians and salon and spa owners increase their pedicure business. The combination of innovative foot care products and workable strategies will provide the tools for greater success.

Increase your pedicure business by using the proven techniques presented in this 90-minute informational webinar.

This course is designed to support you after your product investment to confidently use Footlogix products in your treatments. We recommend watching this webinar after you have completed the Footlogix Product Knowledge webinar.

Get the 5 piece Pedicure Starter Kit Here

There is no certification for this webinar.

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Maximize Your Pedicure Potential with Footlogix® - Zoom


How to Consult with your Client During a Pedicure