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Nail Desk Clutter Driving you CRAZY?

Nail Desk Clutter Driving you CRAZY?

Organizing your Nail Desk 

 The first step is to get yourself into the mindset: "this will help me"

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up and organizing. This means it isn't something you can just slot in between clients. Allocate a chunk of time in your calendar where you can dedicate yourself to the task. 
  2. Imagine your ideal Nail Desk setup. Think about how you want your desk to feel and look when you are done.
  3. Finish discarding first. Completely clear out all your unwanted items before you start arranging and putting things away. And be sure to thank them for the joy they have brought you in the past. 
  4. Completey Sanitize.  Make sure that you go through and wipe down your products, clean up spills and wipe out drawers before you start putting things where you want them.
  5. Tidy by category, not location. Don't just open that top drawer and start pulling items out. Carefully go through each of the categories of items one at a time.

Categories : Once you have set time aside and have a firm idea in your head of what you want the end goal to be, you need to figure out what categories apply to your space. 

  • Gel Polish Colours
  • Glitter Colours 
  • Nail Art
  • Builders
  • Top Coats
  • Swarovksi/Jewels/Crystals
  • Nail Brushes (kept in a Case or Closed container)
  • Bits, Sanding bands and files
  • Gloves and Implements and Sterilization Pouches


It’s also helpful to have designated spots for all

Alex drawer from IKEA that can have drawer liners to keep items in place or baskets in each drawer. Reorganizing your desk is a great opportunity to make sure everything is clean and sanitized as your put your items away. Wipe the bottle necks, clean and condition brushes, remove polish from silicone mats, and give everything a good dusting!

Always be sure to have extra stock of things your going to need if you run out. Worst thing is to run out of files or your favourite builder or even FORMS! 

Keeping extra stock on closed containers labelled on a shelf for safe keeping and to restock your desk is a great way to declutter your desk. 

Some tips 🤞 :

  • Put all your glitters into matching jars and if they are going into a drawer and the lid is not see through then a great idea is to etch the lid, wipe with Finish Wipe, mix glitter with a clear builder and cure on top of each lid to coincide with each glitter colour.  
  • Use swatch rings on your polish bottles to easily identify colors.
  • If your acrylics have a plain lid, put a small dot of the acrylic on top.
  • Invest in a holder for your all stamping plates so you can easily flick through designs.
  • When making swatch sticks, to save time and money and to create an amazing swatch for clients to see. Swatch the colour on one side with Matte Top coat and Shiny Top coat on other side. 

To avoid having so much on your desk, you can keep a container or Finish Wipe and Hand Sanitizer on your desk and keep the big Refill containers stored away to refill the smaller bottles. 

Keeping Wubbies handy is a great way to maintain a hygienic working environment. Wubbies are a 2 Ply Embossed disposable towel. This towel makes the perfect liner or protective mat for work stations and has high absorbency tissue to protect your work area. They ensure perfect hygiene for every new client and provide a clean, tidy work surface for all types of hand treatments. They can be used on their own or with a terry towel. Absorbent, strong, yet soft.

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